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The trend of minimal living has become more and more popular in the years following the economic turmoil in the last decade and an increased awareness our environmental impact on our surroundings.  Tiny houses, micro-apartments, the 100-item challenge, the Life Edited TED talk, and The Minimalists’ podcast have been edging their way into our lives for years now.  The stories of people that have added to their lives through minimizing their possessions is incredibly inspirational.

Living in New York, we are fully aware of these minimalist ideals.  With astronomically high home prices, all of us live in apartments under 1000 sqft. and maximizing the existing space is an extremely important facet for our lifestyles.  But over last few years, the space has been put to the test when Slade had two incredible boys with a third child on the way and Jasmine welcomed her daughter home in November 2015.  As any parent knows, children come the normal mountain of cribs, strollers, toys, bibs, clothes, and every oversized gift by well-meaning people.  So the question arose of how do we thrive in the small apartments in the city we love and still raise children with all the earthly possessions they need?

Surprisingly, there were very few resources or products designed for parents to be minimal.  The majority of products are clunky and rarely stack or breakdown to a size that would be functional for someone in a smaller home.  So we thought, why can’t we create a website that combines all the sparse information that could be beneficial for any parent who wants to raise their children with a focus on minimizing the toll on their space, their time, and their wallets.  So in 2016, KIDKATAT.com was born!

When we first constructed this idea, we theorized that this would only be of interest to those people living in urban environments.  We could not have been more wrong.  People from suburban areas, rural areas, and all over the world are finding benefits of the minimal lifestyle.  It turns out that by focusing less or your time and money on all the material stuff in our lives and more attention on the activities and people we love has a huge benefit to people of all walks of life.

We are certainly not experts in this area and we do not claim to have all the answers.  We are, however, extremely passionate about this pursuit and we are constantly discovering new ways to be minimal parents.  So as we grow and learn we want to use this site to share that information with you.  We want this to be a collaborative experience so we can all have more fun with less stuff!

Jasmine Katatikarn

Jasmine Katatikarn

Mother & Co-Founder

Jasmine is a first time mom, juggling work, life & navigating new motherhood.  Jasmine got frustrated with all the clutter and excess of clothes, toys, and gadgets that so often come along with a child as well as the lack of time in the day to spend quality time with her daughter.  She thought, “There has to be a better way!”  Thus, KIDKATAT was born.

Follow her on instagram and check out http://jazzkatat.com/

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