Introducing the most amazing 3-in-1 maternity/mama/myself outerwear – M COAT!

When I became pregnant with my second child and realized that my due date was deep into winter, February, I started the search for maternity outerwear that would make me feel good when my belly will be huge.  During my previous pregnancy, I wore my husband’s coat which was very unflattering and made me feel even bigger and less attractive.  This time around I was convinced there must be a better way.  This is when I came across the M Coat line.  It was far and beyond better than any other product I had seen out there.  What drew me to it was the fact that it converted from a maternity coat, to one post pregnancy and then even better you can wear it when you are not pregnant or toting around a baby.  It was an all-in-one solution.  The best part? You looked good as well. I am so excited to introduce the M Coat to you.


Demonstrating the M Shell on the animated gif above – it was so easy to transform and really comfortable as well!  (too bad my daughter, T (already age 2) is just a little too big to fit in the pouch, but I can’t wait to put my little newborn in there where he will be warm and snug!!)

Why KIDKATAT loves M Coat

  • 3-in-1 fashionable option for those going through any stage in their bodies life
  • It’s made incredibly well and keeps me and baby warm.
  • Did we mention you will look and feel great?  No longer having to borrow someone else’s large bulky coat that does not fit you.
  • It comes in 3 styles that will cover you for all the seasons during the year.
  • The design is genius!
  • They are a small company doing great things!

View the 3 Styles the M Coat offers:

KIDKATAT had the pleasure of talking directly to the team behind M Coat.   Read on to learn more about the M Coat and how you can purchase one for yourself or loved one.

KidKATAT interviews the people behind M Coat.

When was M Coat created and what inspired you to create the M Coat?

M coat inception was in 2008. Company (see was est in 1985) has been producing down and technical outerwear for 30+ years for many well known brands.  Company started to develop own brands, starting many years ago with Canadian Spirit and Johnny Yiu.  (who is the owner/designer by the way).  The brand’s followers were well heeled, fit, healthy, Canadian-Made conscious ladies.  They were not used to compromising in quality, warmth, style.  So now these ladies are pregnant…and who is outfitting them?  The old attitude of “you’ll get over it”, “just buy a bigger size”, “just wear your husband’s coat..”  goes on and on. So JY took the challenge upon himself to design a down coat that will have all of the attributes of his normal brand , as well as be able to accommodate the pregnant mom.  It’s true, sometimes it’s hard to justify the cost of a higher priced garment for “just a few months” , so he took it a step further…(2 actually) to create the garment that will accommodate all 3 stages.  So now the jacket is a 3 in 1 essentially!  The evening before the first “unveiling meeting” with our buyer, I (Bessi)  came up with the thought to call it The M coat   (as M meant nothing right now..)  So, Maternity, Mama, Myself ties it all in together! (since then we’ve also introduced OSC and can read more about that at Duvet site.)  Below is a picture of the very first M coat prototype from 2008.
 Who is involved with the company?
Johnny Yiu (JY is the owner/designer) and he has another partner in the business.  I am the VP of Sales + Marketing  (or better known as VP of Everything!)  Just an aside..this funny title came up as half the time I was always shouting…Do I have to do everything around here???  (women especially always understand …ha ha)
How did you come up with the system/design of the M Coat?
It’s all in the Genius of the Zippering system.  Amazingly JY was able to figure out how to make ONE panel    work both ways, (the V and the A)  as well as the coat working alone without the use of the panel.  I hate to admit it but he’s a Genius.
Did you go through a lot of design iterations before you were happy with the results?
A few prototypes, but not too many.  People have asked us why we couldn’t offer more styles (shorter,longer) but in reality we think this is already the ideal length.  I’ve tried it out with a belly or baby strapped to me..and any longer, you wouldn’t be able to reach to do up the zipper yourself…any shorter and you would not be able to cinch around the belly…therefore the wind would go up your back …the hood is also removable…as is the faux fur.  …and anyone who wants to replace the fur with real fur can easily get that done themselves.
M Coat offers three different styles.  Can you tell us how you decided on those specific styles? Did one come out first or did they all come out all at once?

M Coat (down version was first). We offered a good selection of colours, and they did really well.  After a few years, our dealers were asking if we had something else to offer so that it was more than “one season” (winter). Therefore we came up with the M Vest a few years later.  That hasn’t proven as popular, as usually, a Vest is considered “an extra luxury” as opposed to a “necessity”.  However, 3 years ago we came out The M Shell.  This was the perfect addition to our lineup as it encompasses the Fall and Spring season to lengthen the time when our product would be in the stores.  It works exactly the same was, just not insulated.  The M Shell is made in Asia, not in Canada.  We weighed the cost of making it in Canada, but it would have been a hard sell at the price it would have needed to retail for.  In the end I don’t think people are as concerned about it not being made in Canada as it is not an insulated down garment.

What has been your favorite part of working with M Coat?
Product development and being able to implement change quickly at the factory level is a huge bonus.  When there is something that we like…(i.e.  a new fabric colour), we can implement that TOMORROW if we want to…in other much larger companies, there is too much red tape and levels that decisions have to go through.
What sets you apart from your competitors?
We were first to market and are Made in Canada. The M Coat has been “patent pending” from day one..but that hasn’t stopped others (inferior imported copies) to continue to try to steal our ideas.  We’ve seen some of the copy cats  and quite frankly, I’m surprised anyone would want to wear it.  We have spent funds trying to protect our design, but it could be a full time job as well as quite costly.  I guess at the end of the day, our product is a little costlier, and not everyone can afford $500 for a coat  – those are the ones who will purchase the copy cat at $129.  That’s not even an arena we are interested in playing in.
What is the future of the company? How do you see yourself growing in the next 5 years?
For now, we will continue with our 3 products.  We do not have a lot of brick n mortar  dealers, but since we opened up ONLINE purchasing a year ago, many individuals have ordered the coats directly.  (Mostly from the US) as well as International.   Expectant moms do a lot of  ONLINE research  and will stumble upon The M Coat.  With your help you can help us spread the word among the new generation of Hip and Fashionable Moms.
Is there anything else you would like our readers to know?

We are a home-grown organic little company – I call us the “little Chinese factory that grew..”  We are made up of a team of dedicated staff.

How can our readers get their own M Coat?

You can check the retailers near you who sells the M Coat Brand:

View M Coat retailers near you.

or directly through their site:

(They are currently having a sale through the end of September!! So act quickly!!)

*KIDKATAT was given complimentary products for this feature.

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