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QuickZip sheets are a two-piece fitted sheet. Once installed, the base will remain snug around the sides of the mattress and never have to be removed. The zip-on sheet then quickly and easily zips on and off for easy changing. For ultimate comfort, the zipper is tucked out of the way and out of sight.

KIDKATAT tried out QuickZip sheets for ourselves.  We wanted to try it specifically on bunk beds.  As anyone with the task of changing sheets on a bunk bed knows that it is incredibly difficult and time consuming. Have no fear, QuickZip to the rescue!

We went over to one of our favorite KIDKATAT families where Andrea, mother of 2 boys and 1 girl, tried it out for us on her son’s bunk bed.  While putting on the sheets, Andrea noted that it was easier to put on than her exisiting sheets and she really liked the texture/quality of the fabric.  Once on, we tested out the zip on and off top sheet feature and Andrea saw the benefit of not having to change the whole sheet each time.  After a couple weeks of trying it out, KIDKATAT asked Andrea for feedback and recieved this response in return:

“QuickZip has been great.  Super easy to zip off, wash and zip back on.  It has made washing my son’s top bunk sheets easy!”

We have a winner!  QuickZip sheets are not only high quality, but the most important factor is that they will save you time and energy that can be devoted to other areas.

Why KIDKATAT loves QuickZip:

  • Saves time!
  • Saves your body from straining and potential back pains
  • Comes  in sizes for the whole family – from crib size, twin, to queen/king sizes.
  • Folds quickly and easily.
  • Did we mention it will save yo time?!?   🙂
KIDKATAT had the pleasure of talking directly to the team behind QuickZip.   Read on to learn more about these amazing sheets, the people behind it and how you can get one for yourself!

KidKATAT interviews the creators behind QuickZip

When was QuickZip created?

QuickZip was born as a crib sheet and the first one was sold in 2003. I started the company, originally known as Clouds and Stars, and ran it as a side project to a full time career in environmental consulting. In 2014 we brought in the first outside investment, expanded the product line and started working full time to grow the company. We launched a line of twin and twin XL sheets after customers started calling for a version for bunks, lofts and other juvenile beds, and then we launched the Luxe collection in twin-CalKing sizes in December 2015.

Who is involved with the company?  

I am the CEO and Caroline Portis is the CFO.  We are the Co-Founders.  We also have an Operations Manager, Tammy Buxman, who we cannot live without, plus a number of freelancers and partners we rely on.

From left: Elizabeth, Co-Founder & CEO, Tammy, Operations Manager, and Caroline, Co-Founder & COO/CFO

What inspired you to create QuickZip?

I began developing the QuickZip Crib Sheet not long after my first child was born.  My wheels started turning after one-too-many wrestling matches with the crib mattress – trying to lug the mattress up and over the slats, and get all 4 corners to stay on at the same time – usually done with the added stress of a baby screaming and likely in the middle of the night.

How did you come up with the system/design of QuickZip?

The operation part was clear to me quickly – a sheet that you could zip off and on without lifting and wrestling the mattress.  The exact designs of the zipper and the base, with accommodations for different size mattresses, took longer with more trial and error, and have continued to evolve as we expand the product line.  

Did you go through a lot of design iterations before you were happy with the results?

Yes!  The core function of zipping off and on was easiest, the iterations came in testing different zippers, the zipper cover and safety features for crib, getting the zip-on sheets to be interchangeable onto all bases, testing how it all worked with different fabrics, fabric shrinkage, and then finally getting it all to look beautiful.

QuickZip offers zip-on sheets in a variety of fabrics, including a minky fabric.  We found this fabric very interesting.  Can you tell us how you decided on making this fabric one of your options?

The minky fleece is a QuickZip fan favorite!  People love it because it is so soft, and creates that cozy, comfortable bed that everyone loves (from babies to adults).  We used to carry flannel sheets, but weren’t happy with their durability and wear.  After looking at different cotton fabrics that would be soft like flannel, including cotton terry cloths for example, the polyester mink, which is soft, controls temperature and wicks moisture well, met our needs the best.  Polyester used to have a bad name but is now the fabric of choice for many applications.   

What has been your favorite part of working with QuickZip?

I love taking on a challenge and figuring out how to conquer it, I love working with a great team of people, and I love connecting with customers and making them happy.

What sets you apart from your competitors?

Our sheets are simple and smart – not just another pretty sheet!  QuickZip is quick and easy to change, fits better so it won’t pop off the mattress, is easy to fold and launder,  and our crib sheets wrap around the mattress so they are a safer alternative to traditional sheets that can pop off and create a hazard for babies.  We provide all that new and improved function and still bring customers soft, comfortable beautiful bedding they look for.  

What is the future of the company?  How do you see yourself growing in the next 5 years?

We will grow to be a global brand bringing smart sheets for our smart homes and lifestyles.  QuickZip products are designed for people and will become the industry standard.

Is there anything else you would like our readers to know?

We love to laugh, and often laugh at ourselves as we strive to take on every days’ challenges with a little humor.  That spirit often first connects us to new customers and gets them to start to think about changing a longstanding, entrenched behavior – putting up with the failures of the traditional fitted sheet.  We make amazing products that make life easier, and often, when we speak to people who haven’t heard of us, they remember our fun hashtag:   #GetYourSheetTogether  


QuickZip has been great.  Super easy to zip off, wash and zip back on.  It has made washing my son’s top bunk sheets easy!

.- Andrea, mother of 3

How do I get my own QuickZip sheet set?


Excellent question!  QuickZip is available online.  Visit their page here.


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*KIDKATAT did receive a complimentary sample of QuickZip sheets*



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