When someone mentions traveling with a toddler overseas, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?  For me, it’s the plane .. how can we survive the plane!  We’ve all been there, many people just avoid it completely.  The idea of being in a confined area for hours with no where to escape if your child starts crying, being surrounded by strangers giving you “looks”.  First off, get on that plane, don’t let the fear of the plane ride with a toddler stop you from traveling and experiencing great things with your family.  Secondly, here are five items/activities to help keep your kid(s) entertained and you somewhat sane.

1. Post Its

Yes, post its!  Post its are essentially stickers that can be easily pealed on and off surfaces without causing any damage.

Take the post its and make a game out of it. Place the postits on the tray table or the wall in front of you and your kid will have fun pulling the paper off and on.

playing with post its
playing with post its

2. Painters Tape

Similar to post it, painters tape is a sticker that is easily able to

Painters tape works the same way as post its, but in strips!

If all else fails you can always tape your kids to the seat .. haha.. kidding! (no seriously, we are kidding)

3. Plastic Bottle (empty)

It’s every day objects that kids find most fascinating.  The best part is that they are easy to find in a pinch.

Bottles give kids something to twist and crinkle. If you crinkle the bottle a little for your child, they will love holding it and crinkling it.  Play with twisting the cap.  Throw in a pen and seal the cap – then you have a brand new toy! a bottle rattle!!

I know you might be thinking the noise of crinkling or rattling of a pen might disturb your neighbors.  The sound is not too loud compared to all the ambient noise going on in a plane.  Also, this minor sound will be music compared to a crying/screaming child! 🙂

4. Flashlight

Grab that portable flash light and put it in the carry on!

Kids at this age love buttons and figuring out how something works.  Show them how the flashlight works and watch them as they entertain themselves.

5. Pocket Calculator

Buttons buttons buttons …

Do we have to say any more?  Anyone with a young child knows how they love pushing buttons.

EMERGENCY :: smart phone / tablet / in air entertainment

In the extreme circumstance that all the items you brought to entertain and distract your child do not work, that is when we went to the last resort.  Media.  Yes, I said it.  Make sure you upload some kid friendly videos and or games for these situations.


Don’t forget to get yourself a drink to get YOU through the flight 😉  … happy travels!

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