Introducing Slate NYC

Slate is a daily cleaning service that allows you to spend less time doing chores and more time doing the things you love.

It’s a normal weekday morning of getting ready for work, wrangling the kid(s) and trying to clean up and tidy up along the way.  Now imagine this – All the above, but leave out the last bit about cleaning up.  Well, that sounds good, but you know you will have to do it at some point and no one likes coming home to a messy house with things to do after a long day … Okay, let’s try that again – Imagine THIS:

It’s a normal weekday morning of getting ready for work, wrangling the kid(s) and … no cleaning up … BUT, when you get  home, beds are made, dishes are not in the sink and those toys and laundry have been neatly put away.  Are you dreaming?  No, it’s not a dream – Slate NYC has made this a reality!  Read more to find out more about Slate NYC and start thinking about how you would spend that extra hour of your time every day!





Why KIDKATAT loves Slate NYC



  • It SAVES YOU TIME!  At KIDKATAT, your time is our number one priority.  We are constantly searching and creating content and information to save you time so you can focus on doing what you love.
  • Eases stress and increases your mental happiness.  There is something about coming home to a clean and tidy apartment every day that just puts a smile on your face.  You may not realize it, but this service will add a bit of mental happiness to your normal every day experiences.
  • Same cleaners.  Since Slate employs their workers (not freelance) they can have more assurance that you will have the same cleaner everyday.  This will create a trust and good working relationship between you and your cleaner.

KIDKATAT had the pleasure of talking directly to the team behind the Slate NYC.   Read on to learn more about Slate and how you can start freeing up your time today!  Special discount code at the bottom of the post exclusively for KIDKATAT readers.

KidKATAT interviews Amanda Whelan from Slate NYC.

Tell us a little about yourself and your role in Slate NYC:

After getting my start in sales and marketing in Southern California, I was given the opportunity to move to NYC. I jumped at the chance! I’ve always been inspired by the bustling atmosphere and the goal-oriented lifestyles of New Yorkers. When I came across Slate, not only did I want to use the service myself, I wanted to help bring it to the busy lives of thousands of New Yorkers! As the company’s first full-time hire, I’ve been lucky enough to work directly with Slate’s co-founders to experience almost every aspect of the business. From taking the time to find like-minded brand partners to personally communicating with users and incorporating their feedback into our service offering, I’ve been able to help Slate become as thoughtful and thorough as it is helpful.

When was Slate NYC created? What was the inspiration behind the Slate NYC model?

In other parts of the world including Europe & South America, daily housekeeping is actually fairly common! Our CEO, Miguel Zabludovsky, was exposed to this while growing up in Mexico. After 10 years of experience in cleaning and laundry service in Manhattan, he realized this population-dense city was the perfect fit for a daily housekeeping business model. In 2015, he brought on our stellar co-founder, Katie Shea, and I joined as Slate’s Community Manager last March. Today, our daily home cleaning service is our fastest-growing service offering and what sets us apart in the competitive home cleaning landscape.

Who is involved with the company? How large is the company?

Along with Miguel, Katie and myself, we have a small yet mighty customer service team comprised of four fantastic women. Last but not least – we have about 30 professional cleaners (we call them Keepers)!

We also are lucky enough to have some of the smartest investors & advisors in NYC on our side.

What makes you different from other cleaning services?

Slate is the only daily home cleaning service in New York City & Brooklyn. Our users have described our service as magical, even going as far to say that it’s “like living in a luxury hotel room that has all of my stuff in it!” While our customers are out being the CEOs of their life or office, Slate is filling in as the CEO of their home. In addition, we diligently work to establish great relationships between our users and our Keepers. We match you with a cleaning professional who will tackle your to-do list exactly the way you would.

How have people been reacting to the daily cleaning service?

The reactions of our users are my favorite part of working with Slate. From the customizable task list to the familiar, daily Keeper, our users love the personalized touch Slate’s service offers. We’ve had several users reach out to say “thank you” for giving them the extra hour of their day back to cook with family, chat with friends, finish up a project and so much more!

How would Slate specifically benefit a parent’s lifestyle?

Slate gives busy mamas an hour of their day back! Whether it’s spent at the park with their kids or catching up with that friend they’ve keep meaning to call, there is no gift more meaningful to a parent than the gift of time.

Will Slate customers have the same cleaner every day?

Yes! Your Keeper will get to know your preferences and your home in order to give you the most personalized experience possible. If your Keeper ever has to miss a cleaning appointment, we’ll ask if you’d prefer for us to send a replacement or make up the time the next day.

What is the future of the company? How do you see Slate growing in the next 5 years?

We have five key values that we believe are going to fuel the future growth of Slate over the next five years:

1) Keeping clean daily is better than the occasional deep clean: Walking into a fresh, tidy home every weekday means you can really relax and enjoy your downtime.

2) We are in the human connection business: We created a service that make relationships work better, starting with the relationship with your home.

3) People Matter: We support initiatives that protect human rights and improve quality of life, including immigration reform, affordable child care, financial literacy, and homelessness aid, and assistance for domestic violence victims.

4) NYC is big enough: We’re committed to our city and will be staying right here, helping our neighbors. Slate is made by busy New Yorkers, for busy New Yorkers – and we think there’s plenty of opportunity in our backyard!

5) Be great at one thing: We believe it’s better to focus than to overextend, so for now, we’re going to focus on the incredible, daily home cleanings we’ve become known for perfecting.

How can our readers sign up for Slate?

Either log on at or download our app*

Use promo code KIDKATAT for an added incentive of 50% off your first week (up to $50 FREE)!

*App URL:

Value your time, start trying Slate NYC today at $50 off!

This could be your reality!!

What will you do with your new found time every day?

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