Homemade Baby Food – easy as 1 2 3!

As my daughter neared the age to start eating solids, I became very excited with the prospect of her trying food for the first time.   I love food and I hoped she would feel the same way.  The idea of making my own baby food was very appealing.  I could...

No more old baby food!

I can't believe I never realized that grocery store baby food is actually older than my kid...! to that I say #nomoreoldbabyfood and take a stand against the nutrient-void food that the industry has deemed “acceptable” for our little ones. To...

Newborn Baby Essentials

Preparing for your first child is definitely an overwhelming experience.  Looking back, I was continually bombarded with items I thought I "needed" to get.  I didn't want to be the only parent unprepared (mom shaming starts early!).   After having T, I...

A Minimalist in Disguise

I have a confession to make...I never call myself a minimalist.  That's a bizarre statement for someone writing an article on a minimalist website but it's true.  By labeling oneself a certain "ist" or following an "ism" you immediately open yourself up to scrutiny...

Why Should Your Family Go Minimal?

Before we start discussing the "whys" of minimalism, it is important to define what minimalism is.  Most people think minimalism means you live like a monk.  Giving away all money and possessions and only living off the bare essentials.  That is not true at all....

I Want More Quality Time with My Kids

  When we created this site we wanted to build a place where parents could go to learn about efficient, minimal solutions for their children and their families.  As this site continues to develop, we are going to discuss designs that are space saving, products...

It’s a Bike….It’s a Stroller…Wait…IT’S BOTH!?!?!

Have you ever wanted to ride your bike somewhere with your young children and then walk around with them in a stroller once you get there?  Perhaps a local farmers market or craft fair?  Of course you have!  That sounds amazing!!!  This, however, can be an extremely...

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