Introducing BABYZEN YOYO+ stroller :

The all-in-one stroller for parents on the move!

I remember the first time I saw BABYZEN’s YOYO+ on the street.  I was walking with my husband over the weekend and saw a dad sling it easily on his shoulder as his child walked next to him.  At the time, I was lamenting how large strollers were and that I felt so awkward in a busy city like NYC with such a large stroller.  I instantly noticed the white iconic wheels first and ran up to the parent to ask him what the brand was.  (Yes, I’m that person .. but, I was so excited to find out what kind of stroller this was so I could pass this information onto you!).

Fast forward, now I have my own BABYZEN YOYO+ and I have happily gotten rid of my other larger strollers (except for the jogging stroller 😉 .. ).  What do I love best about having my own YOYO+?  My apartment is no longer cluttered by a stroller!  If you live in a small space, you know what a big deal this is!  Other strollers are such a pain to break down that they just end up permanently in the foyer hallway or rolled into the bedroom.  The YOYO+ is so easy to open and close that we pack it up as soon as we get home and hang it on a hook, out of the way and taking up minimal space.

The one drawback to the YOYO+ are for those use to very large storage on the bottom of the stroller.  The storage size is adequate, but not as large as some of the larger sized strollers out there.


The box the YOYO+ comes in is smaller than my 15 month old daughter! (& she is tiny for her age)

babyzen new stroller yoyo+
yoyo in action

The YOYO+ is perfect for the parent on the go!  Look at how fast I was able to pack it up, throw it on my shoulder and walk my daughter to school.

As an added bonus, the YOYO+ is an amazing travel stroller.  Just look how small it is – it fits in the overhead compartment!! Are you ready to be the envy of every other travelling parent?

Accessories that will allow your stroller to grow as the child grows

BABYZEN has developed acessories so that the stroller can adapt as your child grows.  No need to buy more strollers, use this lightweight, well designed stroller from every day use to travel.

YOYO+ board it all becomes easy…

BABYZEN created YOYO+ board to adapt exclusively to the YOYO+ strollers.

YOYO+ board connects to your YOYO+ stroller in a single one-hand click. It can carry a child weighing up to 20 kg (44 pounds).

No more carrying your tired older child on the way back from shopping, to cross the road or when he/she wants to start running around. Your child can safely hop onto the board, and either stand or sit on the easy-to-remove saddle. When it is not in use, YOYO+ board can be folded into space-saving positions.

Parks and museums, here you come!

BABYZEN just announced that the YOYO+ is now available in two new colors:

Ginger and Peppermint!!

yoyo stroller ginger
yoyo stroller peppermint

Why we love the YOYO+ stroller:

  • The small footprint.  Bigger is not always better, especially when you live in a small space and on the go.  We absolutely love the compact size of the YOYO+ without sacrificing function and style.
  • It lets us get rid of the every day stroller and travel stroller.  No longer do you need both strollers when the YOYO+ will act as both!
  • Can be hung on the wall when not in use.  Save that floor space for playing!
  • Added accessories – from baby seat functionality/ bassinets / YOYO+ board means that this stroller will grow with your child.  No need to buy any other stroller!
  • YOYO+ fabrics are machine washable and easily removeable!
  • Did we mention the size? The size is a game changer!!
KIDKATAT had the pleasure of talking directly to the co-founder of BABYZEN.   Read on to learn more about the YOYO+, the people behind it and how you can get one for yourself!

KidKATAT interviews Glen Gold, C0-Founder, BABYZEN North America.

When was BABYZEN / YOYO+ stroller created?

BABYZEN was founded by a group of five Frenchmen who wanted to create a new generation of strollers that were attractive, high quality and most importantly easy and practical for parents to use. The BABYZEN YOYO+, the ultimate travel stroller system, was introduced in 2016 as an everyday solution for the modern day parent on-the-go.

Many people see the YOYO+ as a travel stroller.  Would you recommend using the YOYO+ as your primary stroller?

Absolutely! In terms of a travel stroller system, the YOYO+ is the total package – lightweight at just 13 pounds, the convertible frame expands and retracts with the click of a button using just one hand. It’s compact enough to fit in the overhead bin of an airplane or in the backseat of a car, and can be discreetly tucked away at home. For all these reasons and more, it’s also the ideal everyday stroller, allowing parents to travel and transport their little ones seamlessly. It features a soft-drive system for a smooth and easy ride and with a variety of accessories it adapts as your child grows, eliminating the need for multiple strollers.

What sets you apart from your competitors?

The BABYZEN YOYO+ is ideal for wherever life takes you – from city streets and basic errands to car travel, airplane travel and more. What really sets it apart from the competition is just how functional it is, truly eliminating the need for multiple strollers, as well as the ease of use.  It’s lightweight and can easily be folded and unfolded with a single hand – a plus for any parent who knows just how tough it can be to juggle a little one and all the gear that they come with. In addition to the sleek and stylish design, we offer a variety of color packs and accessories, so the element of customization is another quality that sets us apart.

What is the future of BABYZEN?  How do you see yourself growing in the next 5 years?

We’d like to continue to grow here in the U.S. with additional retail partners while we continue to support our existing ones. Our hope is that within the next 5 years, we will become even more recognizable not just as a travel stroller but as an everyday stroller that happens to be great for travel. We just launched new color packs in Peppermint and Ginger, as well as a new ride along Buddy Board for an older child, and hope to introduce additional offerings that make child travel and transport easy. Innovation is at the core of our company so we are always brainstorming ideas. It’s definitely an exciting time for BABYZEN!  


Make the YOYO+ your only stroller! No more stroller clutter at home!

YOYO+ features a soft-drive system for a smooth and easy ride and with a variety of accessories it adapts as your child grows, eliminating the need for multiple strollers.

Watch BABYZEN’s official YOYO+ video for all the features:

How do I get my own YOYO+?

I thought you would never ask … What are you waiting for? Make your life easier! With a YOYO+ stroller, it’s never been easier to meet up with friends for a drink, catch a cab, hop onto the subway, or fly to the other end of the world.

Buy it here on amazon: Babyzen YOYO+ Stroller, Black/Grey

Let’s go explore!  Don’t forget to grab your YOYO+

yoyo+ stroller airport travel

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